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Our bespoke signs vary from name badges and basic door or name plaques in different media such as wood, acrylic and di bond(aluminium composite). We can supply ready to apply vinyl and colour graphics which you can place directly to windows, vehicles or any suitable surface.

We specialise in the following areas:

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Dibond - (Aluminium Composite)

Di-bond (aluminium composite) - this can be used on road and car park signage and can be fitted to a pole or fixed straight to the wall.  Di-bond also makes great small plaques for use on doors,  information signs etc.


Sign trays (this a box style sign) - an upside down tray usually with a 30mm or 50mm return edge. These  are used mainly as shop and business signs giving a fresh modern finish to enhance your shop front or as your logo on your building.  This signage can be finished using a vinyl graphic, coloured photo graphic or direct printed to di-bond.



Prices for dibond start from £56 per square metre

Prices vary on vinyl and full colour.


Need something small or something different?  Then give us a call and we can give you a quote.


Brushed Aluminium dibond

Made as the standard dibond but with a classy brushed metal finish in Gold, Silver and Copper.


This type of sign looks good with acrylic stand off letters on. 

Also if you want the industrial style finish we can add bolts to the edges.


Acrylic (plastic or also known as the brand perspex) - like the wood it can be laser etched and cut out to suit your own requirements or create and reflect your business. 
'Signs using acrylic which has been etched on the laser can be used with led strips to light up the etched area giving a subtle and modern touch to your sign.  As with all the materials that can be used together for mounting or framing. 


Raised acrylic letters on an acrylic or wood surface also has a great 3D effect and is ideal for exhibitions or even for your meeting room wall.


Prices vary depending on what kind of sign you want...

Lasering, graphics, cnc and/or led lit.

Wooden Signs - Bespoke and beautiful

Bespoke signage -  from beautiful selected hard or soft woods which can be made to suit your personal creative needs.  While graphics can be applied to wood, we also can engrave or etch using cnc and laser to create the perfect finish. Dibond, foamex or acrylic  can be used as the back board for the graphics or as a stand off board. 
'Wood is ideal for use with personal creativity for simply making a name block for a desk to wedding props with the bride and groom on.  Cut out letters and numbers for house plaques and bespoke shop signs when you need something special that matches your business image. 


Prices are based on size/materials. Please contact us for a quote on your personal bespoke sign.

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